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Hi, I'm LaTrice!

Educator, Speaker, Consultant, Abolitionist, & Changemaker.

I sincerely believe that education is the single most powerful tool through which we can change the world. Educators are uniquely positioned to lead this change, specifically the dismantling of systemic oppression through our work with the next generation. In 2019, I founded my consulting firm, EDquity Consulting, to fill a void in teacher education. My work took off in June 2020 with the launch of my viral Antiracism for Educators 101 email course. To date, EDquity Consulting has reached over 3,000+ educators and served several district-level clients.

I am on a mission to equip educators with anti-bias and anti-racist lenses and liberatory practices so they can create life-changing outcomes for children, especially Black and Brown children. My work takes anti-bias and anti-racist theory and couples it with practice so that educators are developing real skills and tools to employ in their schools immediately. 

I am committed to providing teachers and school and district leaders high-quality professional development so they can create the environments necessary for optimal and holistic student growth. 

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 79% of American teachers are white and 76% are women. Furthermore, 78% of American school leaders are white. 


Black and Brown children make up nearly half of the public school population.  A third of all students attend a school in which 90% of their peers are of the same race. 40% of the nation’s more than 1,700 school districts are hypersegregated, meaning that most low-income students attend schools where 75 percent of the student body is also low-income.  

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that all educators - especially white ones - are engaging in anti-bias and anti-racist practices and abolitionist teaching. The majority of educators never take courses in culturally relevant practices in their pre-service education. And while they may claim to “love” Black and Brown children, many educators haven’t taken the time to truly get to know the struggles and joy of their experiences and history. Educators need structure and support to truly abolish the ways in which education harms Black and Brown children. This leads to educators who are more or less engaging in the same violent practices that perpetuate anti-blackness and systemic racism in this country. Research shows that these practices not only impact academic outcomes but the whole for their entire life. If racial trauma in schools continues teacher efficacy will continue to decline, student achievement will decrease, and we will continue to see disproportionately harmful outcomes for Black and Brown children.

EDquity Consulting is bridging the gap between theory and practice to provide high-quality educator development on anti-bias and anti-racist practices and develop and sustain comprehensive and equitable learning programs. 


EDquity Consulting provides individual and small group coaching, professional development, and project-based services.

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